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Cleveland Concrete Driveway

The addition of a driveway to your home is a great way to add both functionality and curb appeal. If you’ve been looking into adding a driveway, no doubt you’ve been bombarded with all kinds of materials. It can all be a bit overwhelming. Concrete driveways are popular with many homeowners for numerous reasons. If you’re interested in concrete for your driveway, Shannonwood Garage Builders of Cleveland, Ohio can help.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is commonly referred to as cement. However, this is technically incorrect. Cement is a part of the concrete mixture. Concrete consists of several components, including broken stone or gravel, sand, concrete and water. All mixed together, you have a liquid that is easily poured, and will harden into an exceptionally strong stone-like surface.

Cleveland Concrete Driveway Repair

Why Concrete?

So, what makes concrete so great, especially when there are so many types of driveway materials to choose from? For one, concrete driveways are very versatile, and can fit in easily with just about any home style. Some may find the traditional gray color drab. Not to worry. Concrete can be customized with different colors and textures and other decorative elements to make it more personalized. Concrete is extremely durable, and can remain fully functional for 25 to 50 years. Finally, a concrete driveway is quite easy to maintain, requiring very little work at all.

How is Concrete Installed?

Installing your concrete driveway starts with the removal of any grass or vegetation in the area where the driveway is to be placed. This will help to ensure a stable foundation. Next, wooden forms are set around the perimeter, and gravel added. Once the gravel is compacted, you are ready for the concrete to be poured. Forms are filled and the top of the wet concrete smoothed.

After the concrete is poured, it undergoes a natural curing process. Instead of drying, a chemical process occurs that hardens and strengthens your new driveway. The weather conditions will dictate how long this will take, and if any special instructions need to be followed. You will be able to drive on concrete in about a week, and park heavy vehicles in about a month. After about a month you should also have the driveway sealed.

Cleveland Concrete Driveway Contractors

Concrete Driveway Maintenance

A concrete driveway is very easy to maintain, requiring little effort on your part. An occasional scrubbing with a stiff brush and a hose will help to keep your concrete clean and looking like new. And, it should be professionally sealed at least once a year. It is best to apply sealers in the fall, providing your concrete driveway with the best protection possible from the harsh conditions of Cleveland winters, and the road salts that accompany them.

A concrete driveway can be the perfect addition to your Cleveland home. Contact Shannonwood Garage Builders to learn more!

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